The Konecranes Gottwald Model 6 Mobile Harbor Crane is the entry model in our family of large mobile harbor cranes. It is very rugged and designed for high-performance applications with its load capacity up to 125 t, maximum working radius of 51 m and lifting speeds of up to 120 m/min. It is available in many variants, including four-rope grab variants with 40 t (A8 classification) and 50 t (A7 classification) grab curves. This crane can be used with ships up to post-Panamax and Capesize Bulker class.

The Model 6 has a unique and generously designed superstructure space concept for particularly easy servicing. Port operators can choose between three tower variants, with corresponding crane geometries and different viewing heights for the crane operator, to adapt the crane to their individual requirements. The Model 6 is a popular crane, employed for practically all port lifting applications.

Maximum lifting capacity [t]Hoisting speed [m/min]
Hoist configurationDiesel engine nominal output (PRP, ISO 8528) [kW]
G HMK 64071000 – 1201 × 2 = one 2 – rope hoist
G HMK 65071250 – 1201 × 2 = one 2 – rope hoist809
G HMK 6407 B100/50/400 – 1202 × 2 = one 2 – rope hoist1,007
G HMK 6507 B125/50/400 – 1202 × 2 = one 2 – rope hoist1,007


The Model 6 crane is equipped with a standard range of features that improve productivity and eco-efficiency for economical, sustainable cargo handling in ports and terminals.

We also offer a range of optional, special features such as:

• Load guidance system, including:
– linear load motion.
– load antisway.
– point-to-point handling mode.
– hoisting height limiting system.

• Tandem lift assistant and vertical lift assistant.
• Verifiable weighing system.

The use of energy-efficient hybrid drive units or external power sources significantly improves the efficiency of the drive system and helps reduce the environmental impact.

G HMK 6407G HMK 6407 BG HMK 6507G HMK 6507 B
Radius [m]11.0 – 51.011.0 – 51.011.0 – 51.011.0 – 51.0
Boom pivot point [m]
– Short tower17.617.617.617.6
– High tower23.
– High tower with extension26.
Tower cab [m] (eye level)
– Short tower20.720.720.720.7
– High tower26.
– High tower with extension29.
Propping base [m]14.0 x 12.514.0 x 12.514.0 x 12.514.0 x 12.5
Chassis in travel mode [m]
– Standard18.5 x 9.018.5 x 9.018.5 x 9.018.5 x 9.0
– Option18.5 x 8.318.5 x 8.318.5 x 8.318.5 x 8.3
Weight [t] (approx.)445445445445