Fesanco is pleased to introduce the new and innovative Flexi-Flipper for STS crane spreaders. It is basically providing a new solution for an old problem! Want to see it for yourself?

​How much does one hour of downtime on your crane cost?

When traditional flippers get snagged and break, containers can get stuck and cause expensive delays. The FlexiFlipper solves that problem. Standard flippers can perform an average of approximately 4,000 cycles before it needs to be replaced or repaired, due to being damaged during normal operations. Outdated flippers are just expensive to maintain and cause excessive damage. When using the patented Flexi-Flippers you will able to run up to 40,000 cycles before the two-part steel body has to be replaced.

​​Durability, flexibility and affordability combined

The Flexi-Flipper consists of two pieces of heavy-duty steal. A separate upper and lower piece which are bolted to a reinforced polymer cushion. The polymer cushion itself can perform up to 60.000 cycles! before it needs to be replaced. Due to its construction the FlexiFlipper combines rigidity with flexibility and elasticity and is able to prevent being damaged. The Flexiflipper can do every task one is used to do with standard flippers but outperforms the standard flippers when it comes to durability. The Flexi-Flipper does not get damaged by impacts when it is incorrectly grounded or impacts into a container or cell guides. There is better news. This top-quality product comes at a competitive price and can be used on existing Bromma, Elme or RAM spreaders.

How to get pricing and more information

​Flexiflippers are a complete replacement/retrofit to existing spreaders.

Contact: Fesanco SpA    email:soporte@fesanco.cl

If you don’t run FlexiFlippers, your flippers are obsolete like those in the picture above!